Most people write off coding as something for boring
nerd losers like Bill Gates to waste their time with.
What these stupid normies fail to see is that coding
is the most 3X7R3M3 profession that'll boost your
cool points by 1,000,000.

C0D1N6 is 3X7R3M3 because it requires
an 3X7R3M3 amount of time, effort, and knowledge
to M4573R even the 8451C5 of Computer Science.

For example, a totally 391C video game typically takes,
at the very least, a year and a half to plan and create. Last
years nominated Game of the Year by the Game Awards,
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, took 5 years
to fully develop, including delays and planning time. That's
5 years chock-full of 707411Y 3X7R3M3 C0D1N6.

8451C411Y, don't underestimate how 3X7R3M3 C0D1N6
can be. Because some of you will probably finish your highschool
years in the time it will take to create the next masterpiece.