PROOF Wristband: The World's First BAC-Reading Wristband

PROOF Wearable while being worn

The most common way to check your BAC was through a breathalyzer, measuring your BAC this way
can take upwards of 30 minutes after your last drink to get an accurate measure, and is also
affected by the humidity levels in the area. However, a recently-inveneted "alchohol-tracking"
wearable, also known as 'PROOF', can apparently measure your BAC continuously through your skin.
the PROOF was designed for social drinkers in order to help them monitor their alchohol consumption.
The PROOF also sports disposable cartridges, a mobile app, and a smart alert system.
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the PROOF Wearable's many features

The way the PROOF wearable works is by detecting the amount of ethanol that's in your skin. To
elaborate, when you drink any amount of alchohol, the ethanol within the alchoholic beverage
sent from your stomach to the bloodstream;from the bloodstream, the ethanol is either exhaled,
or diffused naturally through your skin. That's where the PROOF wearable comes in. The
electrochemical cartridges that are stored within the PROOF convert these traces of Ethanol into
and electrical current that, once amplified and digitized, is sent to your smartphone through
the PROOF wearable mobile app. And, even though there is a wait from when the Ethanol reaches
the bloodstream and when it's detectable through the skin, the PROOF wearable provides constant
transdermal data, without any interaction on the wearer's part.
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the PROOF Wearable's partner mobile app

The PROOF mobile app pairs with your wearable in order to show an accurate measure of your BAC.
the PROOF mobile app allows the user to set alerts in order to set alerts once the user has
reached their desired alchohol-consumption level. The PROOF app also let's the user connect
with friends and family through the invite-only friends page. The PROOF wearable also features
a low energy Bluetooth 4.0 and a time-to-sober estimation.
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