This is EVO moment 37, one of the greatest moments
in fighting game history and a big motivator for me
to reach that level of skill in a fighting game.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
is, by far, my favorite
series. This show has a
great story, cool superpowers
and a lot of crazy and
funny moments. Even if you end
up not liking the show, it's
still very entertaining.
Gen IV pokemon is the generation
I grew up with and, despite
it's flaws (massive lack
of fire types) I still
love the story, designs,
and characters more than those
produced in any other generation.
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is one of the many
games that has influenced my outlook on
fighting games as a whole, as it's the main reason
why I like really long or really cool-looking combos.
The game also holds a special place in my heart as one
of the many games I bonded with my cousin over.
Portal is a very interesting
game. I bet you've heard the
whole nine yards about this
game, but I just want to say
that I liked the story, and
I think the puzzles were amazing
and I feel that a lot of studios
can learn from the innovations
and creativity in the puzzles
this game has to offer.
Half-life if a definitely a classic, but I'd consider
it more of a horror title compared to the game's sequel.
Half-life has a very ominous atmosphere and a lot of puzzles
in the game revolve around surviving against and killing
terrifying and powerful aliens like the tentacle, the
nihilanth, or the Gene Worm.
Halo Reach holds a special
place in my heart. It was
the first Halo game to introduce
the controversial armor abilities,
and also the first game to really
make an in-depth forge mode, which
led to some of the most creative
and fun custom modes I've ever
played in a halo. I will always
love this halo for the friendships
I made just by playing crazy
gamemodes with strangers.
I'm not a big music buff, but
I really like rock music
And, therefore, I really, really
like Iron Maiden. Their music is
always consistently amazing and
I love listening to a lot of
their tracks. I wish they had
more songs that were different
but I appreciate the fact
that I can listen to most
of their tracks and like them.
Dragon Ball FighterZ is
pretty good, I like it.
It's not my favorite
fighting game, I have some
issues with it, but
do I think it's a game you
should play if you want
to get into fighting games?
Yeah, go ahead. It has very
satisfying combos but a steep
learning curve when it comes
to blocking as the game lacks
a lot of sound defensive
options. Still fun, nonetheless.
I've playing Super Mario RPG lately, it's a really fun game.
I'm not very partial to RPGs, I never really have the time or
patience for them, never really had. But Mario RPG has loads
of charm and some engaging features such as fun minigames,
lots of secrets, and a lot of moments that require timing
and attention.
I also really like memes. I'm 16,
what did you expect. Lol.
I think what I really like in games and what I really
look for is how innovative a game is, how well the game
can keep my interest, how deep the game is in terms of
skill-ceiling or story, and how fun a game is. I like games
that come up with new ideas or take something old and improve
on it. I don't like games that follow trend in atmosphere or
writing, and I don't like games that are boring or very obviously
poorly designed. I also just like really fast-paced games. Like give
me a bullet-hell game and I'd probably be on it for a year or two.