Foreign Invasions of American Media

In Recent Years, American internet has been under attack from a foreign invasion of privacy.
Most recently, Americans have discovered Russian advertisers targeting certain demographics in order to influence their vote in the recent
2016 presidential election. Facebook recently released russian ads to investigators and are now putting in controls to make ads more transparent.
These foreign breaches of American privacy are dangerous to society because they negatively affect social discussions, make online information
less credible, and cause paranoia within the general public.

How do people become possible targets?

The way online advertisements work is based on what people search, what websites they frequently
visit, and what information they give out on social media platforms. Recently, Facebook ads by Russian advertisers have targeted people
in Wisconsin and Michigan. In fact, advertisers on facebook can narrow down their target audience to the people who like certain singers.
Advertisers with malicious intent can use these algorithms to directly send misinformation and lies to people that lie in these demographics.

How to protect yourself from being influenced

The simplest way to protect yourself from malicious advertisements is to turn off your search cookies, and
obscure your personal information. More specifically, don't give out your age, home state, or likes on your facebook profile. Always make
sure you give out the least information possible. It's a simple solution to a big issue, and it's troubling that so many people don't notice
how much of their privacy they're handing out to strangers.