Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1.
I'm learning C#(C-Sharp) this year, which is a coding language made
for developing windows apps. Somehow I'll use this knowledge to my advantage
in order to make video games.

Goodbye Project

Date: 9/14/17

This program changes the word "goodbye" into it's form in a different language. During this project,
we learned to change textboxes with the use of buttons along with how to import images.

Help Page project

Date: 9/22/17

This program uses visibility editing with display buttons
along with editing the font and font color through buttons.

Mailing Label Project

Date: 9/26/17

This program uses text boxes and text concatenation in order
to create a personal mailing label for professional use.

Car Rental project

Date: 10/3/17

This program uses Text boxes along with calculations
and two different text concatenations for different text boxes.

BMI project

Date: 10/10/17

This program Calculates the average between a person's
height and weight using measurement conversions and outputs the data as

Car Rental project 2

Date: 10/17/17

This program revisits the car rental program;
the program adds 3 images, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

Test Scores project

Date: 10/20/17

This program calculates the average between two test scores
and displays both the highest test score and the average score.

Dice project

Date: 10/30/17

This program uses a random number generator
based on the time of day, in order to simulate rolling dice, and
displays the probability of rolling a certain number based on
the times rolled per number.

Craps project

Date: 11/3/17

This program uses the same random number generator
along with a marking image in order to simulate a game of craps.

Slot Machine project

Date: 11/16/17

This program uses random number generation
with images to create a slot machine along with inputting money
and gambling certain money quantites from 1-5 with radio buttons.

T-shirt Project

Date: 12/14/17

This program uses applies all of my C#
knowledge into one project meant to simulate making T-shirt
orders by using radio buttons, check boxes, dialog boxes,
'if' statements, try's and catches, form loads, and
private voids.

Fish Project

Date: 12/19/17

This program uses a time-based random
number generator, a boolean, integers, and a global picture
box variable in order to simulate a fish swimming back and
forth inside a 2-dimensional tank.

Rose Bowl Project

Date: 1/25/18

This program uses list boxes and combo
boxes in order to output data and a menu strip to close the
program and to open another form.

2D Fish Project

Date: 2/5/18

This program builds off of the original
fish project by adding more 2 more rows of tiles through an
image array. The project also introduces a shark that will attempt
to catch and eat the fish by using position integers.


Date: 2/15/18

This program uses a boolean, an integer
to count clicks, several if statements, and a function of if statements
to determine what happens after each click and every way to win
in order to simulate a game of tic-tac-toe.

AI Project

Date: 3/9/18

This program uses private integers for speed and
bullet direction, a function with several if statements to control
the movement of an AI for a timer, a keydown function to move the
player character and to shoot the AI with a bullet, and a timer
using if statementsfor the boundaries of a bullet, the directions
it can go and how it affects the AI.

Starfield Project

Date: 3/13/18

This program uses an array of labels to track
stars in a universe, and two forloops to alter the size of the stars
and to move them away from the center through if statements that
control each of the four sections of the form to create the
illusion of flying through space.

Upgraded AI Project

Date: 3/27/18

This program builds on the original AI project
by making the AI into an image array of several bots controlled
through a forloop for tracking the player character, lowering
the health of each AI separately, using an integer to
track how many AI have been eliminated, and by using
a forloop to determine if a certain bot has been hit.

Final Project - Enforcer

Date: 6/7/18

Enforcer is a game meant to test
both your speed and your ability to distinguish between
friend and foe. Enforcer takes place in a world where
officials of a totalitarian government are working a
brand new synthetic police force, and you are the latest
model being tested in a shooting range. This programs uses
arrays, timers, a Class, multiple forms, and integers.

How to install C#

Step 1: Go to
Find "Visual Studio Community 20XX(whatever year it is at this point) and click "Free download.